4-Night-Tour July 2012

We were back on the tour bus this month, and played four fun shows in California. The tour started in beautiful Malibu, California, where we played an acoustic gig in an intimate setting. It is fun to play our songs in a stripped down version every now and then.

We shared the stage with a bunch of very talented artists. Check out Leigh Cara, a singer/songwriter from L.A. on www.leighcaramusic.com.

On July 1st, we were back as a full band. We had the honor to be part of a fundraiser at L.A.’s world famous Whisky a Go-Go in support of The Giving Spirit, benefiting homeless people in L.A.We were the closing band and the crowd was with us from the first note to the last. Very fun to play for an enthusiastic audience.

That was also the day when Spain won the EURO soccer cup. Ramon Blanco, hailing from Granada, Spain, was so excited, he kept rocking in his red Spanish soccer jersey all night. Gui Bodi on bass was apparently feeling it too…Rock’n'Roll!

Thomas is playing it cool.

Thomas King’s birthday was on July 4th, and we celebrated it with a performance at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

We were excited to reconnect with our Epic Proportions touring buddies, Lost In Atlantis, and Gabe Kubanda. Check out the new tour bus:

The first surprise which awaited us was that the Air Force supplied all of us with large houses to crash for the night. Way to go!

Thomas is checking out his bed. King-size of course…

The next surprise was quick to come. We were booked for an outdoor festival with 5000 people in attendance. Yuhong, Ramon, Thomas, Gui, and Andres getting ready pre-show:

It’s showtime…

Ramon, and Gui are getting the crowd excited…

…while Andres Torres is driving the groove.

Thomas in the crowd. The kids were loving it!

‘Let me entertain you…’

We closed the night with Gabe and Thomas singing the National Anthem, followed by some very cool fireworks. A great day!

Our final stop was back in Los Angeles, where we were headlining the Little Tokyo Festival.

Our fantastic fans surprised us during the show. They were holding up banners with our pictures and respective flags of our native countries (Austria, Spain, and Brazil). We were blown away, and met with them after the show:

We are very grateful for all the people who supported us, especially our fans, and we look forward to seeing you guys again soon!

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