Epic Proportions Tour Highlights

It’s been over a week since I returned from the Epic Proportions Tour. It was an epic adventure indeed. I experienced the highest highs, with screaming fans and packed high schools, and the lowest lows, with a horrific bus accident at the end of the tour. I’d like to share the highlights of an amazing 5-week touring experience with you:

We started the tour in Phoenix, AZ on March 1st. I had the pleasure of performing with the most amazing band. Their passion, professionalism and friendship made what I do possible.

Ryan Streeter rocking on guitars:

Dave Allen kicking ass on drums:

Lawson Terrell, the man on the low end:

Quinntin Smith on the boards:

The other acts on this tour were the amazing band Lost in Atlantis, and acoustic-pop artist extraordinaire Gabe Kubanda. Go check them out on the web! ‘Other acts’ is actually a wrongful description. All the people on board really became a family for life!

After our first two gigs in Phoenix, we drove our big green tour bus (which would go down hard at the end of the tour – details later in the post…) to California. The first highlight was waiting…High School gigs.

The love and enthusiasm that we received was amazing! Check out this clip from California City High School:

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I cannot wait to perform at those high schools again, and reconnect with the awesome fans!

The next highlight did not wait around for long. A gig at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. Rolling into this spectacular city on our tour bus and performing at one of the most prestigious hotels was a dream come true. I was totally in my element, and some people in the audience even had a dance with me (-;

Our next stop was the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, one of the biggest music festivals in the U.S. Tons of people on the street and music on every corner.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Music Connection Magazine about my experience at the festival.

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Our next drive was all the way to Lake Charles, Louisiana, where we played a high school.

The great thing on a tour is that you come through a lot of different places, and experience a great variety of people and cultures. There was hardly any time for sightseeing, however, in San Antonio we were checking out the River Walk, before we played the College of the Incarnate Word. Very scenic!

One of those memorable experiences were definitely our gigs at the Air Force Bases. You usually do not get to see those high security facilities. I heard that one of the GI’s that came to our show was involved in the Bin Laden operation…thrilling!

Here we are entering Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico.

I had to sneak a picture with the ‘Star Spangled Banner’. Maybe they’ll give me citizenship now (-:

From New Mexico, we went on to Colorado for another Air Force Base show, and then making our way back to Phoenix for a club gig at Joe’s Grotto.

I lost my voice prior to this gig. 4 weeks of heavy touring took its toll on me. A big thank you to my band and fellow tour mates for carrying me through this gig. Gabe was jumping up on stage and supporting me on some of the high notes (-:

As you can see, the support, respect, and friendship of the 11 people on this tour was truly amazing. Besides all the thrilling stuff that happened, there were a lot of struggles we had to face, like canceled gigs, transportation and accommodation issues, etc. But we were such a strong unit that we walked through all those challenges together, and came out strong. We were also there for each other when we needed each other the most. Two days before the end of our tour, we had a horrible bus accident. Thank God everybody is OK. If you want to know what happened, here is a link to the news report: Tour Bus Rolls Over Twice on I-5

This tour was a true gift for me. What it showed me is that making music with people for people is one of the most amazing things in the world. The fans on this tour were truly amazing, and I cannot wait to reconnect with all of you soon!

Peace & love,



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