Exciting tour kickoff in Phoenix (Tour blog day 1-3)

So here it is. The Epic Proportions Tour has officially kicked off. My band and I made our way from LA to Phoenix, to meet up with the other bands (Gabe Kubanda, and Lost In Atlantis) and load the tour bus. Meet the Thomas King Band:

From left to right: Quinntin B. Smith (Keys), Ryan Streeter (Guitar), Lawson Terrell (Bass), David Allen (Drums). We got our first surprise when we found out that tour sponsor Airwalk supplied us with free shoes. Check em out.

According the a facebook poll, David wins the beauty contest…he is wearing the yellow ones (-: We then loaded our tour bus (we call it the ‘Mother Ship’) with our equipment and merchandizing: shirts, CDs, wristbands, and condoms (-;

The next morning we took off to our first show at Camelback High School in Phoenix at noon. Rocking out!
Gabe, Lost In Atlantis, and I were giving autographs and posing with the fans after the show.
Later that day I was very thrilled to step foot on a U.S Air Force Base for our second show in Phoenix. Check out our tour bus in front of a fighter jet!

The two shows that day were really awesome, my band kicked ass, and the teamwork of everybody involved was just amazing. I had the pleasure of driving the Mother Ship into California the next morning. An adventure driving this beast…

My band and I are excited about an upcoming week of daily shows in Cali. Stay tuned for the next blog update!

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  1. Laura says:

    Congrats ~ Found your blog on Google while searching for a related topic, your site came up, it looks good, keep them coming !