Fans going wild in California! (Tour blog days 4-8)

We arrived in California last Monday, and we are super excited about the love and enthusiasm we are receiving from the fans. Check out some pictures below:

Cal City High School

Rocking out at North Hollywood High School


I am truly blessed to be on this tour, and am very thankful to be with amazing people. Gabe Kubanda and Lost in Atlantis, the co-headlining bands, Peter Sotos, the tour manager, and my amazing band Quinntin Smith (Keys), Ryan Streeter (Guitar), Lawson Terrell (Bass), and Dave Allen (Drums). Their dedication, passion, and professionalism on and off stage makes it possible for me to do what I do!

Besides performing, we are involved in other very cool stuff. Yesterday we were invited to speak at the music class at Jordan High School. We talked about our backgrounds and lives as a touring musician. It was great sharing our thought with the kids!

Well, there is also the other side of touring, cleaning dishes, sleeping on the tour bus etc. Sometimes we let fans check out our bus (-:

Unfortunately, they would not clean the dishes…so I did that myself (-:

We are doing one more show in California at Downey High tomorrow, before heading to Vegas…that should be fun! I’ll leave you with a short clip of kids at Cal City High rocking out. Stay tuned for updates from Vegas!

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