From Louisiana to California (Tour Days 20-29)

After leaving Louisiana last Tuesday, we were heading back west. Our first stop was San Antonio. We actually had a couple days off, which is rare on tour, and so we could enjoy the River Walk in San Antonio. A pretty nice spot. They say it’s one of the best tourist destinations in the U.S. Watch the pack hanging out there:

We had time to zip some Margaritas, but not enough time to go on those boats…would not have been a good idea after those Margaritas anyways ;-)

The next day we were rocking out at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio! Rock and Roll..

The University made some guitar picks for us as a promotional tool. Kinda cool.

It’s been almost four weeks now since we kicked off the tour in Phoenix, Arizona. Touring is like a roller coaster ride. There are a lot of highs, like performing in front of packed audiences of screaming fans, where you enjoy the ride with them. Or coming through a lot of cities and breathing in the different vibes of places and people. And there are also the challenges, like problems with transportation, canceled gigs, staying healthy, or long bus rides. I am fortunate to be working with amazing people, who are all on the same page, and make it a fulfilling and successful tour. After all, when we step on that stage night after night and enjoy the ride, we feel the love and share the gift of music with our fans.

One of those special places for me was our gig at Cannon Air Force Base in Clovis, New Mexico, this weekend. A very secretive place with all kinds of high security stuff going on. I managed to sneak some pictures. Don’t tell ‘em…

The staff there treated us super nicely, and the GIs were rocking out with us at night! Some proudly wore the Thomas King t-shirts :-)

One fan even asked us to sign his Fender guitar. Pretty special!

Our next stop was Colorado, to play another Air Force Base. On the way there we stopped in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They have some pretty awesome cars in this town. It felt like being back in the ’60s.

After our gig at at Petersen Air Force Base, Colorado, I had to sneak a picture with the Star Spangled Banner (-:

We will return to L.A. tonight to play a High School gig on Friday. We look forward to reconnecting with our fans there.

I’m gonna leave you with an interview which Music Connection Magazine did at the SXSW music festival two weeks ago. Talk to you soon and much love to you!

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